About Oldaker Outfitting

Our Guides, Our Land and Our Great Outdoors Activities

Oldaker Outfitting--LLC, is family owned and operated by Edward, Robbin, and Melvin Oldaker. Embedded in the heart of the historic Nebraska Pine Ridge on the Wyoming and South Dakota border, Oldaker Outfitting is located 17-miles northwest of Harrison, NE in Sioux County. The 35,000 acres of leased and owned land encompass an area once inhabited and hunted by the Sioux, the Crow, and the Cheyenne Indians. Consisting of many terrain types: rolling timber, badlands, rough canyon draws, wide-open prairies, and dense creek, river, and spring bottoms, the area is an outdoorsman’s paradise.

Melvin holds a degree in wildlife management and criminal justice, but his love of the land and hunting has brought him back to the Pine Ridge to establish Oldaker Outfitting, LLC. He’s hunted and roamed the prairies and canyons of the hunting area since he was old enough to walk and takes great pride in helping others enjoy the area as much as he does. He’s also determined to use his wildlife management degree to insure that the land will provide great experiences for many generations to come.

Born and raised on a ranch located on the flatlands country between Crawford and Harrison, NE, Ed Oldakers first memories revolve around Shetland ponies and their desire to dump him into the nearest cow tank. Shortly after high school, Ed hired on at the Schnurr ranch north of Harrison and spent the next 40 years working the semi-arid land nudging up against the Wyoming and South Dakota borders. For most of those years, Ed, his wife, Robbin, and their four-children spent their time making a living on a ranch in God's country. In 1996, close neighbor and friend; Everett Thomas sold the Oldakers the Thomas Ranch established in 1889. Now Ed, Robbin, their son Melvin Oldaker are opening that land to hunting, and many outdoor activities for clients to enjoy. In addition Ed, Robbin, and their son Melvin have leased several thousand acres and will make that available to hunter and outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors will enjoy the company of the Oldaker family almost as much as they will enjoy their visit to Sioux County Nebraska.

Robbin is the “brains and heart” of our outfit. She will handle the financial part of our business as well as provide incredible home cooked meals. Ranch raised, Robbin, has been Ed’s right hand person for nearly 40 years, and has been the true heart of the cattle ranch, and development of Oldaker Outfitting, LLC.

Professional caping and skinning of your harvested game will be provided at no additional cost. After a good day’s hunt has taken place, our guides will make sure you are given a nice warm meal to sink your teeth in, possibly a game of cards, television, darts, or pool, and a comfortable bed. We take great pride in producing successful hunts for our clients, and value their repeated business. If you come hunt with us, I assure you of a high-class experience, and 100% effort by our crew. We will be here for your experience every step of the way, and hopefully leave you craving for more.