Testimonials for Oldaker Outfitting

Our clients want to share their experience with you. We thank you for the kind words.

Ron Amack's testimonial

Hello, my name is Ron Amack, I live in Chadron, Nebraska. I am an expert taxidermist and hunter. I have hunted for 45 years, and have hunted extensively in the western states and Alaska. In May this year I'll be taking my 7th trip to Alaska on a spring grizzly hunt. My picture appeared in the 2005 big Cabela's catalog with my 10 and 1/2 year old Doll ram killed in the Chugach Mts near Palmer Alaska.

This past December I had the pleasure of hunting with Oldaker Outfitting LLC, on a black powder deer hunt. I had a very good experience. Melvin and his family were excellent hosts, with great food and pleasant accommodations. Melvin guided me on a successful hunt, and was very concerned about my wishes on what species I wanted to hunt, and what my expectations were. We were fortunate to observe several trophy Mule deer, and I could have harvested one of them, however I was more interested in a Whitetail since I have a 213-inch Muley on the wall. We hunted the first morning and I was fortunate enough to harvest a 5 by 7 Whitetail. It was a great hunt and Melvin is a great guide, as well as a genuine good guy, I would highly recommend Oldaker Outfitting LLC to anyone wishing to go on a great hunt with great people in the western environment.

Lindsey Michael's testimonial

I've never seen a Bobcat called in before, but when Melvin took me out he knew the area the Bobcats were in, used a distressed rabbit call, and within 20 minutes a Bobcat walked within 100 yards right to us. His enthusiasm, love of the hunt, and knowledge made the whole experience unforgettable (along with Robbin's DELICIOUS home cooking).

Levi Burnside's testimonial

I have been to the Oldaker ranch for quite a few hunts over the past few years. Each time I have gone the guides (Mel, Cody and Ed) have been extremely helpful in helping me fill whatever tags I had for the season I was there for. The lodging is amazing. It makes you feel like as if you belong there on the ranch right along side everyone else. No matter how great the hunts have been for me, and trust me they have been some of the best times of my life, the food provided was second to none. If you have never had one of Robin's home cooked meals you are definitely missing out. I feel that even if I was not able to fill the tags I had the price would still be worth every penny for two reasons: The amazing scenery mixed with both fields upon open fields and some "rough" country with trees and draws everywhere you look. The second, and best, reason that these trips are worth whatever amount you have to spend to get there are the meals. I can't say enough about the meals and hospitality provided by the Oldaker Outfitting crew. I will be joining them again for each and every hunt that I go on and will be taking my nephew for his first hunting experience there in the near future.

Vern Becker's testimonial

Mel, I just wanted to say hello and thank you again for the great hunt. I had never hunted mule deer before or been to your neck of the woods, so it was new to me on two fronts. The country was as beautiful as the hunting. The long stalk for my buck was a classic! You did a superb job of getting me within 120 yards of the buck from over a mile away through mostly short prairie grass(and some cactus). I am looking forward to returning next year for prong horn and maybe another muley, and would highly recommend your services.

Travis Masonís testimonial

I started hunting with Oldaker Outfitting, LLC in the year of 2000. They helped me harvest my first trophy sized whitetail, and mule deer. My experience out there is one that keeps me coming back year after year. Not only is the hunting great, but also I have come to consider the Oldakerís life long friends!

Paul Mecouch's testimonial

For years I have hunted all over the country and my experience hunting in the western environment has been one of my favorites. Over the past three years I have had the privilege to hunt with Melvin, Ed, and Robbin Oldaker of Oldaker Outfitting. There place is covered with all sorts of wildlife, being able to drive down a road and see a coyote running across a prairie, to seeing herds of antelope; that's priceless! I have been impressed with the trophy quality big game I see year after year which gave me the opportunity to harvest my biggest trophy mule deer ever. They provided me with great meals (thank you Robbin for the wonderful food) and an enjoyable experience every time I have been there. Thank you Oldaker Outfitting, I will prefer your services too many and look forward to visiting year after year.